Kayaking Weather Preditions for 2012

Wet or Dry – Weather and kayaking

Now we are into the second month of Summer it is now becoming apparent that the weather is going to remain unstable. The pacific is in the clutches of a La Nina weather pattern.  For us in the north of New Zealand this means that more northerlies are expected than normal. 

Northerlies bring warmer weather, which is good, but also wetter weather, which is bad.  So far this summer the weather has been patchy at best.  The traditional summertime holiday period has been wet…monumentally wet. Windy too!

Weather experts expect this pattern to continue through the summer.  It is not all going to be doom and gloom,  but the advice is not to plan too far in advance.

Paddlers start from Hingaia racing to beat the rain

Though not ideal these are good conditions for Slippery Creek kayaking.  The Slippery Creek Kayak Hire experence takes only a couple of hours which lessens the chance of being caught out in the rain.  The kayaking venue is close to most parts of Auckland so relatively easy and cheap to get to.  Most parts of the kayak trip are sheltered from the wind, so the wind does not have much of an impact on the journey.

At Slippery Creek  Kayak Hire we are highly flexible and can easily reschedule any trips that have had to be postponed as a result of weather.  The ease of access to the kayak trip lessen the impacts of this for the paddler, when compared with having to travel away.  The kayak company has eftpos facilities so payment can be easily arranged for those last minute bookings.

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